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A Painful Regret By Reggae Artist

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The choices people make can affect them in the future especially if they are born out of emotions.
A Painful Regret By Reggae Artist

The choices people make can affect them in the future especially if they are born out of emotions. A good decision requires time to properly consider the options and probably go for expert advice to enhance the quality of your decision. Some have taken decisions that ended up destroying their lives because they felt it was right. Lucky Dube was a great reggae artist who produced over 22 albums before his death in October 2007. Most of his songs were inspirational while others made listeners to cry during some stage performances. Lucky Dube sang on different issues ranging from love, politics, child abuse, social life, and several others. Till his death in 2007, he remained an icon that touched the lives of many fans and reggae lovers.

In the soundtrack “it is not

In the soundtrack “it is not easy” the artist painted a scenario about the choice of the woman he married. It is a common phenomenon for most young guys to go after beautiful women. According to the music legend, beauty isn’t an important factor to consider when choosing a woman to marry. That was the error he made, this has been an issue with most guys and many have landed into deep trouble because of the choice they made. Aside from the physical beauty that most ladies may possess, humility and character are needed for a couple to live happily. Most ladies find it difficult to submit to their men especially with the idea of gender equality.

A Painful Regret By Reggae Artist

Equality doesn’t necessarily mean both are equal but, that the uniqueness of each individual should be respected. The context of equality was mostly in politics and education where girls were not allowed to assume any top-ranking position of authority or even gain access to quality education. Some tribes even consider it a waste of time to train girls in school, gender equality was intended to restore the dignity and plight of women. Others have misunderstood this concept to mean they are equal with men to the extent that it is beginning to affect matrimonial homes. Like before, women were trained to take care of their husbands, kids, love, and respect their men, that situation no longer exists anymore.

Lucky Dube painted a picture of regret having fallen into the “trap” of beauty that almost wrecked his life. According to the legend, he received several warnings from the mother who advised him to consider carefully before making that decision. Dube was somewhat desperate to take her for priestly blessings for them to become husband and wife. But, unfortunately, that turns out to a nightmare for him, the source of his joy became the very essence of regret and tears after failing to take the advice the mother gave him.

Anyone who listens to this song will feel the pains this artist felt especially because most couples are going through a similar situation in their relationship. Some times it is not about beauty, that can be a deception, the true picture can only be revealed after a few testing situations. This song was a great lesson for those intending to get married taking from the experience of this reggae singer.