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Comparisons between London, Washington DC and New York City

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Washington DC, city of New York and London have differences, even though anyone can think of them to be same because of the power they are associated with.
Comparisons between London, Washington DC and New York City

Washington DC, city of New York and London have differences, even though anyone can think of them to be same because of the power they are associated with. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, it is the largest city in the United Kingdom with a total area of 659 square miles. Being ranked at number 26 out of three hundred cities for a good performance of their economy, London is a global center for international businesses. Residents of London speak up to three hundred languages, and 29% of total population represents a minority ethnic group, who own at least a third of all privately owned businesses.

London was built at a cost

London was built at a cost of over seven hundred and fifty million Great Britain Pound, with its history stretching back to Roman times. It is known to be the most populous city in the European Union, being a home to approximately 9 m residents. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben clock tower are found at the center of the city. In 2017, London was mentioned most visited city in Europe, from statistics by Ministry of Tourism of international arrivals during that year. Its popularity comes from double-deck buses and British museum, which attracted 6, 24 m visitors in 2019.

New York City is the main

New York City is the main city in New York metropolitan area, with an area of 302.6 square miles, situated in the largest natural harbor worldwide. Being the most densely populated city in Manhattan New York has a population of 8, 3 million people, making it a city with the highest population in the U States of America, and is also a part of mega cities with most number of people worldwide. With eight hundred languages spoken by its residents New York is considered the world’s most diverse city in terms of language usage.

Comparisons between London, Washington DC and New York City

About 3, 2 million people are born outside the United States of America, becoming a city with the largest foreign born population. United Nations has its headquarters there making it an economic city. New York also serves other purposes like cultural, financial, a media capital, both nationally and globally.

The most number of billionaires have their homes here, 94 to be exact, and this might be a reason why it is ranked most financially powerful. With 24-hour services, known as a city that never sleeps, it has a subway that is the largest single-operator transport system with 472 stations. Top three tourist attractions are most visited because it is loved for being a center for world’s best entertainment industry. Out of all these characteristics New York seems to be a city that embraces art, talents and will definitely have a platform for every talented person. Neighboring some of most known slums in the United States New York has the largest number of urban public universities.

This city of Washington DC is the capital city of the U States of America, housing three government branches, Capitol, representing legislature, White House representing executive that is their president, and Supreme court representing judiciary that is justice system. For this reason, the residents observe all national holidays and the city has 177 foreign embassies situated there. In 2017, population was seven hundred and five thousand people who have built homes there, ranked at number twenty in most populated cities in the U States. This city has an area of 68, 34 square miles, with land taking up 61 square miles, and the rest occupied by water. The city has museums, giving it the name, national center for arts. Visitors visit the city to see the White House and the Capitol; annually, this city receives twenty million foreign visitors.

City of London compares with New York in many similar aspects, both consider all human beings are part of the same community, have a high cost of living, are cities of fashion. Even though the former is not perfect regarding racial equality, it is better than the latter. Crime levels in New York are high, statistically four times that of England. According to history, London was constructed much earlier than New York which came about in 1624. Compared to Washington DC, the latter is a much slower business-oriented city, with a preserved history. The cost of living is approximately seven percent higher than Washington DC, making life in the former more expensive than the latter. All these towns might be similar in various ways, but the difference comes in through the unique services each has to offer.