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The Truth Behind Africa’s Civilization

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Most developing nations have suffered greatly especially during colonial period, there are records that civilization started in a less developed nation.

Most developing nations have suffered greatly especially during colonial period, there are records that civilization started in a less developed nation. The history of this great continent can be dated as far back as 200000 years ago. The early inhabitants had unique characteristics; they were primitive, hostile, with a kind of animalistic lifestyle. The irony is that it was difficult to reconcile a continent that is described as the cradle of civilization with a dark continent. For several years developed, most countries in developing nations lived in abject poverty. Most children in Europe and America never knew such a continent ever existed. Some must have seen it only in maps while others read about a nation where animals like monkeys, gorillas, with other wild beast walked the streets.

But, there is no nation or country with a history, the founding fathers had appalling believes that made people live more like animals. Imagine human beings living in the forest, sleeping on trees and eating raw animals. People fed on human flesh, in most places, if a woman gave birth to twins or triplets the children will be kids. Some were thrown into the sea while their mother will be banished into a thick forest. Killings with other dehumanizing habits were practices carried out in most developing nations.

Many tourists from Europe and America

Only 1 out of the 52 nations that exist in the continent was civilized in those early years when it was discovered. In fact, according to historical records, inhabitants of this area never had clothes to wear. They dress using leaves and while others used trees to design their clothing, feeding was another problem encountered. Some lived on wild fruits, herbs, eating raw animals, the men hunted for wild beast using local tools. This part of the world was first discovered by a Portuguese navigator known as Prince Henry. Until his discoveries, not much was known about the people and their lifestyle.

Many tourists from Europe and America were scared because of the fearsome stories. Those who dared to come made outstanding discoveries about the people of this area. Some lost their lives, most of them were killed by wild insects and animals. The entire area was covered with a thick forest such that you’ll have to travel either by sea or through thick bushes to get to other places.

The Truth Behind Africa's Civilization

There was no electricity; they had locally made light which they used to see at night. Despite their primitive state, most of the inhabitants were creative. It would have been difficult for them to survive without the hash conditions with lots of harmful insects. Women knew how to take care of their kids with little or no medical facilities.

Civilization was brought about by the early missionaries from the United States and Britain. Alfred Saker was among the early missionaries that brought civilization to this part of the world. They taught them how to dress, eat, related to each other, and above to love themselves, their doctrines became the founding moral principles which the leaders used to lead people.